MULTIcont BL-17/II

Pieni kevyt nopeudensäädin joka on helppo ohjelmoida ja KÄYTTÄÄ.

Moottoripäässä valmiiksi 3.5mm kullatut liittimet ja akkupäädyssä M6.



Ohjelmoitavat ominaisuudet

-Akku: LiPo tai NiXX

-Jarru: päällä/pois

-Moottorin pyörimissuunta

-BEC piiri, ei tarvetta erilliselle vastaanotin akulle



1 x Multiplex säädin MULTIcont BL-17/II liittimillä ja manuaali

Multiplex nopeudensäädin MULTIcont BL-17/II

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  • Powerful brushless controller - 17A

    The universal, compact MULTIcont BL controller for brushless motors are ideal for applications which require maximum performance with minimum space and weight requirements. They are characterized by simple, easy to understand programming via the throttle stick of the remote control. All MULTIcont BL controllers are pre-assembled, with pre-soldered M6 plug for battery connection and pre-wired with 3.5 mm jacks gold delivered to the engine connector.


    • programmable parameters
    • Battery type: LiPo or NiXX
    • Brake: ON or OFF
    • Motor rotation: Change
    • BEC (battery eliminator circuit) receiver power supply from the driving battery
    • Home security system prevents motor bursting into life when the battery
    • automatic undervoltage switch-off of the re-start option (reset function) for LiPo- and NiXX cells
    • Engine shutdown at massive radio interference or no transmitter signal


    1 MULTIPLEX controller MULTIcont BL-17 / II; manual

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