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Ohjelmoitava 45A ROXXY telemetria ominaisuuksilla varustettu nopeudensäädin.

Telemetria toimii ainoastaan Multiplex M-Link lähettimien kanssa.


Nopeudensäätimeen sensorit kertovat mm. akun jännitteen, virran (A), säätimen lämpötilan, moottorin kierrosluvun, ja paljon akussa on virtaa jäljellä.

Helppo ohjelmoida joko "tikusta" tai "Multiplex launcher" ohjelmalla.


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Multiplex ROXXY Smart Control 45MSB

SKU: 318578
  • Leveys: 32mm

    Korkeus: 10mm

    Pituus: 70mm

    Paino: 67g

    Jatkuva virta: 45A

    Kellotaajuus: 32kHz

    Akku: 2-6 LiPo, 5-18 NiMH

    BEC jännite: 5-8.0V

    BEC virta: 3A

    S-BEC: kyllä

    Telemetria: kyllä

    • control for MULTIPLEX M-LINK transmission

      Programmable 45 A ROXXY ® telemetry controller for brushless motors plus integrated sensor for MULTIPLEX M-LINK transmission. The simplest and most compact possibility of telemetry usage! Of course, you can ROXXY ® use Smart Control knobs with any other remote control system and set very comfortable on the modern MULTIPLEX Launcher. Only the telemetry function is only possible at a MULTIPLEX M-LINK transmission.

      In these ROXXY ® Smart Control controls sensors for voltage, current, temperature, speed and capacity are fixed and integrated compactly. The data, processed and integrated into the MSB telemetry system, Contribute significantly to the information of the RC pilots.

      In the ReglerserieROXXY ® Smart Control MSB is realized. Determined in the controller values are inserted immediately in the MSB and mapped to M-LINK at the transmitter.
      Showing: current voltage, current and maximum current, current and maximum speed, current temperature, capacity.
      Alarm thresholds and many other settings can be easily over the MULTIPLEX Launcher program. Also the following basic functions are on the stick of the remote controller to operate: forward, backward, Brake = ON / OFF; NiXX- / LiPo battery; and reset the capacity counter.


    • Speed ​​controller for brushless motors: forward / brake / reverse
    • M-LINK MSB telemetry for easy programming of the controller
    • M-LINK MSB telemetry data and warnings for voltage, current, temperature, speed and capacity
    • Timed and extremely strong S-BEC system adjustable voltage in the range of 5.0 ... 8.0 V
    • Telemetry data and warnings for voltage, current, temperature, speed and capacity

    Programming options and telemetry:

    • Battery Type NiCd / LiPo
    • down voltage
    • Abregelart soft / hard
    • direction of rotation
    • Ramp-up time (5 point-)
    • Starting torque (5 point-)
    • timing
    • Brake on / off
    • Brake force 4 Stufig
    • Forward / Reverse mode for boat and car
    • Speed ​​control mode for Heli on / off
    • Nachregelgeschwindigkeit Governor Mode
    • Number of poles of the motor / gear reduction

    Telemetry warnings:

    • Undervoltage limit
    • maximum current
    • temperature
    • capacity

    Telemetry display :

    • current voltage
    • current and maximum current
    • current and maximum speed
    • current temperature
    • capacity



    1 ROXXY Smart Control 45 MSB
    1 Manual