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MPX Lämpötilasensorilla voidaan mitata lämpötiloja -20...+700 C asteeseen.

Toimitetaan mittapäällä joka kestää +200 C astetta


Tilattavissa mittapää +500C astetta (85413)


Multiplex Lämpötila sensori M-LINK

SKU: 85402
  • Leveys: 20mm

    Korkeus: 7mm

    Pituus: 31mm

    Paino: 10g

    Yhteensopivuus: M-LINK

    Telemetria: Kyllä

  • emperature Sensor

    • temperatures of up to 700 ° C, depending on the temperature sensor. After activation of the second measuring channel with the multi (# 8 2094) or by the PC program "Sensor Data Manager" ** and connection of an additional temperature sensor (optional) can be detected in a second temperature. The MULTIPLEX MSB sensor is designed and manufactured in Germany . Quality Made in Germany!
    Using multi or "Sensor Data Manager" ** can be activated and adjusted:
    address (Display line at the transmitter), in which the temperature is displayed
    alarm high Upper temperature value above which an alarm will sound on the transmitter
    alarm low Low temperature value above which an alarm will sound on the transmitter
    option Additional generation of minimum, average or maximum temperature
    address option (Display line at the transmitter) is displayed under which the option value
    ... Analog for the second measurement channel

    ** Integrated in MULTIPLEX Launcher

    MSB MULTIPLEX Sensor Bus
    • Intelligent sensors with sensor-bus system (MSB)
    • Up to 16 sensors can be connected in series
    • No additional sensor box required


    temperature sensor with temperature probe to 200 ° C (5412 # 8).