Pieni kevyt G-voima sensori

Mittaus -16g ... +16g

M-LINK yhteensopiva

Multiplex G-rate sensor M-LINK

Tuotenumero: 85409
29,90 €Hinta
  • Leveys: 20mm

    Korkeus: 8mm

    Pituus: 32mm

    Paino: 5g

    Yhteensopivuus: M-LINK

    Telemetria: Kyllä

  • Measures the g ; forces

    This multiplex G-rate sensor was developed specifically for use in the model sports, and uses the MULTIPLEX M-LINK telemetry protocol (MSB).
    A load of 1 g (~ 9.81 m / s²) corresponds to the force of gravity (Erdschwerebeschleunigung) which we are exposed continuously. Especially with manned aircraft, and special maneuvers often higher by a multiple exposure occurs. In g burdens on the human body of more than 5 geg unconsciousness may already occur.
    Particularly when operating a passenger-carrying aircraft, the determined by the manufacturer maximum "may g"Values are not exceeded. Now you can use the stress to which your model is exposed in operation determine and (load) multiples of the Z-axis (vertical axis) and the X axis (along with the MULTIPLEX G-Sensor ) and g output value on your multiplex transmitter.
    measuring range: -16 g ... +16 g

    The MULTIPLEX MSB sensor is designed and built in Germany. Quality Made in Germany!

    MSB MULTIPLEX Sensor Bus
    • Intelligent sensors with sensor-bus system (MSB)
    • Up to 16 sensors can be connected in series
    • No additional sensor box required

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