Excel Vaihtoterä #28 5kpl

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Vaihtoterät #28 5kpl

Tuotenumero: EX20028
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    High quality classic #28 carving hobby blades, 100% Made in the USA and engineered for heavy duty carving, whittling, and shaving of linoleum, plastic, leather, and wood with a unique curve that makes working around tight spaces much easier.

    • Perfect tool for graphic artists, designers, hobbyists, and arts and crafts applications - making it easy to adjust from rougher shaping cuts to more precision cuts without the need to change knives
    • Versatile replacement blades fit all standard medium to heavy duty craft knives including Xacto Knife
    • Includes a pack of five (5) #28 concave carving blades with 1.00 x 1.75 inch edge

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