SAITO FG-73R5 4-tahtinen bensa tähtimoottori.

Skaleharrastajan valinta, mahtava 4-tahtisen tähtimoottorin ääni.

Saito FG-73R5 vastaa 2-tahtista 50CC bensamoottoria tehoiltaan.

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Saito FG-73R5

Tuotenumero: SAFG-73R5
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  • Saito FG-73R5 - 5-Cylinder Radial 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine

    This radial gasoline engine is a scale-modelers delight, delivering an incredible sound, smooth poower and reliability that Saito has built their reputation on.


    • Application: 2-stroke 50cc gasoline class
    • 5-cylinder radial offers great scale appearance
    • 2S Li-Po battery compatible ignition provides easy starts and reliable performance
    • Amazing 4-stroke Saito™ engine sound
    • Updated intake design
    • The engine comes complete with electronic ignition, flex-pipe exhausts and engine standoffs
    • Saito recommends the use of KLOTZ Original Techniplate synthetic oil, at a mix ratio of 15:1 – 20:1


    • Displacement: 72.7cc
    • Bore: 29.0mm
    • Stroke: 22.0mm
    • Weight (Approx): 2600g
    • Weight (Muffler): 280g
    • Weight (Ignition): 380g
    • Practical RPM Range: 1200~7800rpm
    • Suggested Prop Size: 22"×10"~23"×10"
    • Battery for Ignition: 6-8.4V with more than 1.5Ah
    • Spark Plug: SP-1 or SP-2 (1/4-32)

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