PowerBox Savupumppu 8010

PowerBoxin kehittämä savupumppu lennokeille.

Metallirattainen pumppu, virta voidaan syöttää joko vastaanottimesta tai erillisestä akusta 4.0-9.0V.


Öljyn kulutus: Max 750ml/min

Savuöljy: Savuöljy "Blue Max" tai 3W savuöljy

Mitat: 79x31mm

Paino: 125g

Käyttölämpötila: -30°C- +75°C


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PowerBox Savupumppu 8010

Tuotenumero: PB8010
165,00 €Hinta
  • The PowerBox Smokepump has been developed by PowerBox-Systems specifically for pumping smoke oil in model aircraft. The mechanical system and electronics are manufactured on our own premises, and the unit's high standard of quality is evident from its long effective life: the PowerBox Smokepump is the world's most durable smoke oil pump, as has been demonstrated in several long-term tests.

    The mechanical pump system is assembled entirely from high-quality aluminium and brass parts. All our pumps are subjected to a running-in procedure during manufacture, ensuring that the gears mesh perfectly, and that the pump is 100% leak-free. Tight manufacturing tolerances eliminate the need for a separate cut-off valve with the PowerBox Smokepump.

    The electronic circuit is infinitely variable within the range 0%-100%, allowing the pilot to fine-tune the flow rate to match the exact requirements of the model. The Smokepump can be powered either by a PowerBox or a separate battery.

    If a separate battery is used, the electronic circuit switches to a "stand-by" mode if the receiver fails to pick up a signal. This means that it is not necessary to provide a separate switch to isolate the PowerBox Smokepump from the battery when you switch the model off.

    The PowerBox Smokepump is available in a Standard version and a Jet version, the later with higher throughput and twin outlets.

    The maximum flow rate of the Smokepump (Order No. 8010) is around 750 ml./min., while the Smokepump Jet (Order No. 8015) is capable of around 950 ml. The set includes all the necessary connecting leads and a length of heat-resistant hose. The standard set also contains a Y-piece which can be used to connect both silencers of an opposed-twin (boxer) engine.

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