OS FS A-72 II 4-Tahti metanoli moottori

Upea Japanilainen 4-tahtinen metanolimoottori.

Alpha sarjan moottorissa ei ole huohotin nippaa = vähemmän sotkua.


Tekniset tiedot:

Tilavuus: 11.8 cc

Kierrosalue: 2,400 - 12,500 rpm

Teho: 1.18 hp @ 11.000rpm

Paino äänenvaimentimella: 530g

Sisältää: 61N kaasuttimen, F-5030 äänenvaimentimen ja F-hehkutulpan

OS FS A-72 II 4-tahti metanoli moottori

Tuotenumero: OS34721
475,00 €Hinta
  • Everyone knows about how the FS56-a, FS81-a and FS110-a deliver superior 4-stroke power and performance, as well as how they've revolutionized the engine industry. Now, O.S. has filled in the missing link with the release of the FS72-a. Pilots of .60-sized aircraft can now enjoy such FS-a benefits as a blow-by internal oil system. It eliminates the need for a crankcase and re-circulates excess oil throughout the engine. No fuss...No muss...Just a first-rate engine that sets new standards while continuing traditional O.S. quality. The FS72-a Four-Stroke – only from O.S.


    The adjustable F-5030 muffler can be rotated 360° and moved in or out for a perfect fit. Rich, deep sound is an added benefit.


    A reversible carb and narrower camshaft housing simplify installation.


    Tighter tolerances and updated engineering reduce maintenance and ease set-up.


    Delivers more performance power to sport pilots and more realistic flight to scale pilots.




    Stock Number: OSMG0877

    Displacement: 0.72 cu in (11.8 cc)

    Bore: 1.063 in (27 mm)

    Stroke: 0.822 in (20.6 mm)

    Practical rpm range: 2,400-12,500

    Output: 1.18 hp @ 11,000 rpm

    Weight w/o muffler: 16.79 oz (476 g) 

    Weight w/muffler: 18.7 oz (530 g)

    Includes: 61N carburetor, F-5030 muffler & F glow plug

Uusi Porvoontie 1434

01190 Box


Y-tunnus 1772904-1

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