Oracover 2m Scale kirkkaan punainen

Leveys 600mm

Huom! ethän jätä vastaanottimen antennia päällysteen alle,kalvossa alumiinipinta.

ORACOVER 2m Scale bright red

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    Do not run the RX aerial underneath ORACOVER®Scale or ORASTICK®Scale films as the back of these Scale films is metallised with a very thin aluminium layer which may disturb the reception of signals.

    A special feature of ORACOVER®SCALE: ALL colours are 100 % opaque. No matter what colour or pattern the surface below is, it never, ever shows through. We guarantee it!

    ORACOVER®, our leading product for covering RC model airplanes is patented worldwide. The unique qualities of ORACOVER®: Permits re-positioning without fear of colour-layer separation - the only covering film giving you a second chance, it is fuel-resistant, tolerates temperatures up to 250°C, can be painted and is highly adhesive. Applied according to instructions there will be no bubbles and no sagging.

    RECOMMENDED ACCESSORY :________________________________ ORACOVER®Hotmelt Adhesive

    6.95 €

    Unstable wood fibres can become insecure and can rip off due to the weight. The consequences would be wrinkling and in the worst case the complete peeling off of the fabric.

    Our tip:

    For an optimal pre-treatment of your wood surface we recommend to coat the surfaces to be ironed with ORACOVER®Hotmelt Adhesive. The ORACOVER®Hotmelt Adhesive penetrates the wood and sticks together the loose wood fibres of the heartwood. With that you reach an excellent three-D adhesion of the ORACOVER®film with the surface. With the ORACOVER®Hotmelt Adhesive you do not need a further pre-treatment of the wood anymore.

    Application of the ORACOVER®Hotmelt Adhesive:

    1. Sand your wood completely and remove the swarf (vacuum). 2. Stir up well the contents of the tin. 3. Apply the ORACOVER®Hotmelt Adhesive 1 – 2 times thinly and evenly by using a brush. 4. Let the adhesive dry overnight, however at least 10 hours. (Please do not resand). 5. Cover your model as always with the thermal shrink fabric covering ORACOVER®.

    Productivity: approx. 1 tin / 1m²

    Unsuitable for surfaces which are not resistant to organic solvents.


    If our adhesives should dry a little bit in open containers, the adhesive can be adjusted again to brushing viscosity with the corresponding thinner.

    9.50 €

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