MPX Heron

T-peräsimellä varustettu liidokki sähkömoottorilla ja kirkkaalla sisustetulla kabiinilla.

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100% rakennettu Elapor liidokki,  tarrat ja ohjeet


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ROXXY EVO LiPo 3-2200M 20C (316655) akku

Power drive "Solius/Heron" (332660)

Servoset Heron with extension cords (65170)

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Multiplex Heron kit

Tuotenumero: 264276
169,90 €Hinta
  • Lentopaino: 1500g

    Kärkiväli: 2400mm

    Akku: 3S LiPo

    Rakennusaika: 420min


  • Of the house!

    The MULTIPLEX HERON is a high performance electric glider with T-tail and high-performance four-flap wings. With its elegant wings and flowing body, he takes thermals excellent and if necessary the efficient PERMAX-brushless motor drives the folding propeller (RR version) to powerful. Through its docile handling and excellent flight performance lets you experience the HERON maximum flying pleasure, whether you are amateur pilot or a veteran. With elegance and precision you float through the air long or enjoy sport aerobatics. The extravagant four-flap wings with their extremely stiff CFK / ALU tubular spar technology set new standards in the 2.40 meter class. With the standard Fold land absolutely accurate,
    The kit we recommend the appropriate power set # 33 3660 "HERON / SOLIUS"; voted the MULTIPLEX perfectly on the HERON to provide you with a steep climb to begeistern.Das ELAPOR ® distinguished model by a host of new, innovative and extravagant detail solutions and sets new standards in its class.


    • 4 wing flaps for high flight performance (flaps) and targeted landing approaches (Butterfly)
    • wide range of services: speed, aerobatics, thermal flying
    • Innovative CFK / ALU pipe rail technology for heavy-duty wings
    • High-strength hull by GFK "M-SPACE technology"
    • High performance Brushless -Drive with folding propeller at RR version
    • Transparent canopy with very detailed cockpit
    • transport due to detachable surfaces and tailplane

    Test immediately and free!
    Here you test the MULTIPLEX ELAPOR models always the first in the free RC flight simulator: Multiflight
    download the same ...


    ELAPOR®- molded parts for fuselage, wings with foamed and CFRP-reinforced aluminum
    spar tubes, empennage, canopy frame and sailors nose, and transparent canopy
    and GRP belts. All plastic parts required to assemble small items, linkage,
    punched decals and comprehensive instructions

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