Powerful high-performance servo of the 30 mm class


The MULTIPLEX servo RHINO per SHV digi 4 is a 29 mm digital servo for use in large models. The new per SHV servo is stronger, faster, and more durable than in our 1,000-fold proven RHINO digi 4. Stronger by more torque, faster operating time, and more durable by the new 3-ball-bearing, high-strength steel gear. The operating voltage range is 8.4V to extend for direct operation of the servo to up to 2-cell LiPo batteries.
In particular, when used in 1: 5 Cars are placed very high demands on the servos. Here, the RHINO power is the measure by the generously sized, extremely robust metal gearbox with 8 mm output for the servo arm for years. The integrated aluminum heat-sink provides effective cooling of motor and electronics. The servo case is dust by sealing rings and waterproof.
Due to the enormous torque and robust nature of this power for large models (eg. As Great Planes F3A-XXL) as well as for special applications is ideal.


The following parameters can be set via the test and programming device MULTImate # 8 2094:
• Servo direction of rotation
• Servo speed
• servo travel left, right (max. 2 x 90 °)
• Servo center
• Servo dead zone
• Fail-Safe (A servo -Fail-safe position / Off)
• reset to factory settings


High-voltage (HV) servos
HV servos have a wide operating voltage range from 5 to 8.4 V. They can be operated therefore directly to 2-cell Lithium-based batteries (eg LiPo, LiFe, Lilo). LiXX batteries impress with a higher energy density and lower self-discharge than NiXX batteries, therefore they are increasingly being used to supply power to RC systems in models. Due to the higher voltage level of LiXX batteries smaller currents flow with the same power output compared to conventional servos, which are usually 4.8 - 6V nominal voltage are designed. This must therefore be operated when using 2S LiPo batteries with an additional voltage reduction. This reduces the overall efficiency of the system, leads to unnecessary power dissipation, requires additional electronic complexity, and greater connections (higher costs,
Modern receivers (eg M-LINK) are designed for voltages up to 9 V, therefore, the direct use of modern, superior LiXX battery technology with HV servos nothing stands in the way.

Multiplex RHINO digi 4 servo

Tuotenumero: 65154
96,80 €Hinta
  • Width : 29 mm
    height : 52 mm
    length : 59 mm
    Weight : 0.172 Kg
    servo Type: Mega
    Features: Wide Voltage Digital
    Engine type servos: brushed
    Transmission: steel
    operating voltage in V: 4.8 to 8.4 V
    operating time s / 60 ° at 4.8 volts: 0:18
    setting time s / 60 ° at 6.0 volts: 0.15
    actuating time s / 60 ° at 7.4 volts: 0.12
    torque kgcm in at 4.8 volts: 20
    torque at 6.0 kgcm voltage: 23
    torque in kg cm at 7.4 volts: 27
    teeth: Mega
    Bearings: Yes
    Waterproof: No
    flight Recommendation: No
    recommendation Heli: No
    recommendation Car: Yes
    Recommended boat: No

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