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Multiplex MULTIgyro G3 



Multiplex MULTIgyro G3

SKU: 75505
  • 3-axis Gyro

    The MULTIgyro G3 is designed specifically for RC-wing models and stabilizes your flight model automatically. You immediately fly safer and more precise! The familiar flight behavior of the model does not change much, but the flight is much quieter, more precise and less sensitive to weather-related or aerodynamic influences. The 3-axis stabilization system is suitable for all common types of aircraft such as normal aircraft, V-tail or delta or flying wing.

    A special feature of MULTIgyro G3 are the three modes. The gyro can be made by free channel between the transmitter off, the normal mode (damping) and heading hold (stabilization) are switched. The normal mode turns off the influence of wind and turbulence on the model (Windausschalter) almost. The Heading Hold mode allows the model retains the last controlled attitude until another command comes. Is torquing so cinch - sufficient engine output required. The sensitivity for each axis (elevator, rudder and aileron) is set separately on the device and thus optimally adapted to the model and your preferences. The installation of the MULTIgyro G3 is done very easy and in no time.


    • 3-axis gyro system especially for RC-wing models
    • For all current RC systems suitable
    adjustable • Model type: Normal aircraft, delta or flying wing, V-tail
    • modes at the transmitter can be switched (OFF, Normal mode Heading Hold)
    • Gyro sensitivity individually without PC adjustable
    • small and lightweight (47 x 33 x 14 mm and 11 g)

    Tip for SMART SX:
    When using the G3 also MULTIgyro model types with V-tail and delta or flying wing to be flown!

    Scope of supply: MULTIgyro G3, two adhesive pads, four connection cables, 5-lingual instructions