ROXXY EVO LiPo 3S-2200mAh 20C BID M6 liittimellä

Tämä akku sopii esim. Multiplex: Easy Star II, Easy Glider PRO, Solius, Heron


Multiplex EVO ROXXY LiPo 3S 2200mAh 20C

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  • Leveys: 34mm

    Korkeus: 21mm

    Pituus: 103mm

    Paino: 158g

    Kapasiteetti: 2200mAh

    Kennojen määrä: 3

    Nimellisjännite: 11.1V

    Latausvirta: 2C

    Tasausliitin: XH

  • ROXXY® EVO LiPo batteries - More power, more capacity!

    Reverse polarity protected, versatile, compact - thanks M6 plugs with gold plated contacts. Suitable for currents up to 35 A (60 A for 30 sec).
    The ROXXY® EVO LiPo 3-2200 20C fits the following MULTIPLEX models: Easy Star II, Easy Glider PRO, Solius, Heron.
    The ROXXY® EVO battery series offers an above-average voltage curve, even at high load currents, noticeably more "pressure". The capacity under load, and the total number of cycles of ROXXY® EVO battery is extremely high.
    Furthermore, the ROXXY® Evo-line is characterized by smaller dimensions and lower weight, while high C-rate. The unique ROXXY® BID chip technology for easy operation on POWER PEAK® chargers is integrated as standard in almost all ROXXY® EVO battery.

    BID System = B atterie- ID entifications system.

    Each battery is assigned a small, lightweight BID chip, which stores all the relevant data for and safe loading / unloading of the battery. To be charged or discharged, the BID chip and the battery with a BID battery charger to be connected. Now the BID system sets the right parameters the POWER PEAK ® BID loader.

    The following load settings are stored in the BID chip / Key:
    • Battery type (NC, NiMH, Lilo, LiPo, LiFe, lead)
    • Cell count
    • Battery capacity
    • Charge current
    • Discharge
    • Date (z. B. First commissioning)
    • Delta Peak termination voltage
    • shutdown

    following data every time you charge in the BID chip / Key stored:
    • Currently charged capacity
    • Currently discharged capacity
    • maximum charged capacity
    • maximum discharged Kapzität
    • number of charge cycles

    can be provided any and all batteries of different manufacturers with the ROXXY® BID-chips (# 308472).


    1 ROXXY LiPo battery Evo 3-2200M 20C BID chip, M6 plug
    1 Manual


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