HS-85BB+ on voimakas miniservo joka soveltuu erinomaisesti esim. siivekeservoksi. Servo on kuulalaakeroitu.


Small, rugged high-performance servo 12 - 17 mm class

Our research department and engineers work tirelessly quality servo technology to develop. In the HS-85BB analog servo, this applies to a particular degree, with his three-pole brush motor, elastic nylon gears and with a ball bearing on the output shaft, which is particularly suitable when low clearance and high positional accuracy are important. The Servo HITEC HS-85BB provides maximum performance with minimal weight and is using this information also a favorite for industrial applications. The long life and the uniquely designed gearbox making it one of the most reliable and efficient mini servos on the market.

The HS-85BB offers unbeatable value for money.


  • Longlife Poti
  • High holding force
  • ball-bearing
  • Holder for surface mounting


Hitec HS-85BB

Tuotenumero: 112085
28,90 €Hinta
  • Valmistaja: Hitec

    Mitat: 29x13x30mm

    Paino: 19.2g

    Jännite: 4.8-6V

    Voima (4.8V): 3.0 kg.cm

    Voima (6V): 3.5 kg.cm

    Nopeus: 0.16s/60 astetta (ilman kuormitusta, 4.8V)

    Nopeus: 0.14s/60 astetta (ilman kuormitusta, 6V)


    Johdon pituus: 250mm

Uusi Porvoontie 1434

01190 Box


Y-tunnus 1772904-1

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