HS-322HD servossa on karboniitti rattaat, jotka ovat noin 4 kertaa vahvemmat kuin muoviset. Hinta-laatu suhteeltaan loistava valinta.

Hitec HS-322HD

Tuotenumero: 112322
17,90 €Hinta
  • Valmistaja: Hitec

    Mitat: 40x20x37mm

    Paino: 43g

    Jännite: 4.8-6.0V

    Voima (4.8V): 3.0 kg.cm

    Voima (6.0V): 3.7 kg.cm

    Nopeus: 0.19s/60astetta (4.8V)

    Nopeus: 0.15s/60astetta (6.0V)


    Johdon pituus: 300mm

  • Durable high-performance servo of the 20 mm class

    The HS-322HD Standard servo offers unprecedented durability thanks to its exclusive metal KARBONITE ® transmission, which is four times stronger than our standard white nylon wheels gears and even after hundreds of thousands of cycles no signs of wear shows. The long life and the uniquely designed gear and a ball bearing on the output shaft make the HS-322HD one of the most reliable and efficient standard servos on the market.

    The HS-322HD is ideal for sport aviation if only one servo per axis is used.


    • 4-fold potentiometer
    • Karbonite transmission
    • Ball bearing output


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