Pakoputken jatkopala Nomex 14x20x100mm

Kestää 220C astetta


Exhaust tube 14x20x100mm Nomex

Tuotenumero: 03WF1420
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  • We have developed a new reinforced silicone tube for exhaust manifolders. They can widthstand temperatures up to about 220C and they are reinforced with a "Nomex" type of thread. Note, ythe tubes are a little flexible (but not much). If you need a maximum flexibility exhaust tube - choose; #030215, #030216 or #030217.

    • Color: Blue
    • Temperature: max 220 deg C
    • Material: Silicone with molded in ”Nomex” armour (3-layers)
    • Tollerance: +/- 0.5 mm
    • Material thickness: 3 mm
    • Length: 100 mm
    • Flexible: Normally aprox +1.5-2 mm

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