SIG 1909 Deperdussin kit

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Kärkiväli: 1257mm

Pituus: 1105mm

Lentopaino: 199-227g


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1909 Deperdussin kit

Tuotenumero: SIGRC92
105,00 €Hinta
  • The world's fastest plane as a slow-flyer? It looks like nonsense, but in 1910 Deperdussin really broke records and beat the competitive machines of the legendary brands Wright, Curtiss, Farman, Voisin, Bleriot like on a conveyor belt. Indeed, the fighters produced by the company SPAD (Societe Pour Airplanes Deperdussin) during WWI were high performance characteristics and machines of this brand after 1918 formed the basis of the Air Force of the newly established Czechoslovak Republic.

    SIG introduces Deperdussin in a series of indoor oldtimers Pioneers of Flight as a classic kit in plaster with laser-carved parts. Model of very light construction with wing with profile of curved plate with one-sided cover faithfully reproduces the "forest" of strings and reinforcements characteristic of the early era of aviation. The rudder and elevator are controlled by cable drives and engine speed.

    The drive can serve a DC motor with a gear (eg GWS power unit with 7: 1 transmission) powered by 350-600 mAh NiMH cells, but the real pleasure of endless long flights will be the use of an AC motor powered from a two-cell Li-poly battery pack. With the recommended AXI 2204/54 engine, the model takes off smoothly from a grassy airport (from a lawn trimmed at least as a football pitch) or after a one-meter start from a mat placed on a larger arm. With half the throttle, it will last 40 minutes or more to crawl through the air with unsurpassed grace. The model flies great in any little larger hall where you can make the most of its ability to turn corners "on a dime", as well as under the open sky in the morning of calm or windless, warm summer evenings.

    Kit contains: balsa beam, laser-cut balsa and plywood parts, elastic material for wire reinforcements and nylon line for rods, Litespan sheet for upholstery, wheels, star motor model, small accessories, quality construction drawing and detailed picture instructions.

    Construction tip:

    Cut the cover parts with a 2.5 cm overlap as shown in the instructions and iron with an iron (Q-Model # 603, # 604) at 90-100ºC. Use a flat iron trimmer (Q-Model # 606) for self-coating. This way, the cover can be turned off well without the carcass collapsing.

    Tires made of surgical rubber tubing are pre-dyed with textile dye in the same way as if you were coloring a T-shirt.

    For painting wooden parts use acrylic paints (AGAMA, Tamyia), for small (especially plastic) details are better synthetic paints (AGAMA, HUMBROL, etc.).

    Wingspan [mm]: 1257 ; Length [mm]: 1105 ; Weight [g]: 199 - 227 ; Wing Area [dm2]: 31 ; RC Control: Rudd, Elev, Mot ; Building difficuilty: S2 ; Difficuilty of piloting: P2

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