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ZAP ZIP CA kicker Aerosol 142g

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  • ZIP KICKER AEROSOL - Super-Glue/CA Glue Activator

    Pacer Technology Hobby Zip Kicker Aerosol is a solvent-based accelerator to be used with Super Glues in general and all of the ZAP line quick set adhesives. The Zip Kicker formula will force the immediate cure of all cyanoacrylates, but will not craze most plastic surfaces. Zip Kicker expands the gap filling ability of the adhesives, permits structural fillet forming and solves most tough-to-bond combinations of surface materials.


    • Aerosol Can
    • Content: 5oz / 142 g
    • Forces immediate cure of cyanoacrylate glues
    • Best accelerator for ZAP and all other CA glues
    • Expands the gap filling capacity of the glue
    • Solves most tough to bond material combinations

    (NOTE – Not for use in cosmetic applications. Not recommended for granite or other natural stone materials).

    Use in a well-ventilated area with fresh air source.

    Product can be applied to surfaces prior to application of adhesive to set adhesive surface. ZipKicker can also be applied to outside edge of bond to secure parts immediately.

    Using Zip Kicker can influence the overall strength of adhesive bonds.


    • Store in cool area away from sunlight or heat.
    • Stored under these conditions, a one-year shelf life can be expected.

    Can replace Great Planes MR6034 / GPMR6034 / 18MR6034

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