Saito FA-120R3 20cc 4-Stroke 3-cyl Radial Nitro Engine

Sopiva moottori .60-.90 kokoluokan skaala lennokkiin


Kierrosluku alue: 1800-10000 rpm

Potkuri: 13x8-14x6

Polttoaine: Metanoli 5-20% Nitro ja synteettinen öljy

Paino äänenvaimentimella: 890g


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Saito FA-120R3 20cc Metanoli

Tuotenumero: SAFA-120R3
648,00 €Hinta
  • Saito FA-120R3 Radial Nitro/Glow Engine

    The Saito™ brand continues to expand their radial engine line with the addition of the FA-120 3-cylinder radial. Ideal for 60- to 90-size models, the FA-120R3 is an upgrade from the FA-090R3 engine, featuring 33% larger displacement and more power—all at a lighter weight for a higher power-to-weight ratio. The FA-120R3 also comes with a 3-piece flex exhaust system, making for an all-inclusive package.

    And, like all Saito engines, this powerhouse is engineered with that same Saito quality and reliability you have come to know and trust.

    Key Features:

    • Optimum for small-size scaled airplane
    • Low vibration (assured by constant-interval explosion)
    • Real sound of the exhaust
    • The engine is designed to equalize fuel mixture and minimize misfire due to insufficient distributing at idling by means of special port type intake manifold originally developed by SAITO
    • Cylinder head: Improved semi-spherical combustion chamber assures better combustion efficiency and volumetric efficiency
    • Cylinder: The aluminum cylinder is directly hard-chrome plated on its inner surface without installing liners to reduce weight and increase durability. The monolithic structure of cylinder head and cylinder prevents distortion and improves cooling efficiency.
    • Piston: The piston is made of high silicon content aluminum and attached with a compression ring to heighten engine performance
    • Crankshaft: Has a forged solid construction made of chrome molybdenum steel, and supported by two ball bearings
    • Camshaft: Features high cam providing longer maximum lift time
    • Carburetor: High-performance of slow throttling type
    • Propeller nut: designed to have double nuts preventing loosening and fall-off for the safety.
    • More power for 60- to 90-size planes
    • Proven performance and reliability
    • Fits great into round cowl planes


    • Displacement: 19.18 cc
    • Bore: 22.4 mm
    • Stroke: 16.2 mm
    • Crankshaft Threads: M7x1 mm
    • Cylinder Type: AAC
    • Cylinders: Radial
    • Muffler Type: Three flex tube exhaust hoses (included)
    • Prop Range: 13x8-14x6
    • Rec Prop: APC 14x5 @ 9.400 rpm
    • RPM Range: 1.800 - 10.000
    • Max ground rpm: 8.800-9.500
    • Recommended Fuel: Glow fuel with 5-20% nitro and synthetic oil
    • Total Weight: 890 g w/ mufflers

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