Razor FPV ARF 850mm 

Tämä lentävä siipi on suunniteltu FPV (first person view) lennätykseen, soveltuu erityisen hyvin rata ajoon.

Lisäksi tarvitset 2kpl servoja (10-15g) moottorin (150W) ja 3-5S 1300-2200mAh akun

Kärkiväli: 905mm

Lentopaino: 540g (3S-1500mAh ja DJI AIR UNIT)



Moottori: MForce 2826CA-15 tai vastaava

Akku: 3S 11500-2200mAh

Razor FPV ARF 900

Tuotenumero: HC1730A
87,50 €Hinta
  • RAZOR is flying wing designed for not only flying on FPV RACE contests (FPV = first person view, where a camera is mounted on the model and the image is transmitted wirelessly to the glasses that the pilot has in his eyes). In FPV RACE pilot fly the marked track as fast as possible. The flying wing has a fuselage for quick and easy mounting of the battery in a wide range of sizes (LiPo 3-5S 1300-2200mAh). Receiver and possibly other equipment for image transmission are on fuselage. The shape of the wing and the placement of components and electronics was tested for a long time to achieve excellent flight characteristics and maximum durability. The massive bumper protects the model even in the event of brutal touch with ground, obstacles or other opponents in flight.
    And if you dont have glasses with a camera? It doesnt matter, you will enjoy the great features of the model even during normal flying.
    If you want a durable and user-friendly flying wing, then RAZOR is a clear choice!

    Items Needed To Complete: RC Set with at least 4 channels, 2pcs servos 10-15g MF A-1109MG No.HC4310, motor MForce 2826CA-15 No.HC3506 (150W) with ESC MC-22A No.HC3370, propeller APC 8/6”E No.HCLP08060E, Accu pack LiPo 3S 1500-2200mAh, thin CA Glue with CA kicker, basic tools.

    Technical data
    Channels: 4
    Wingspan: 905mm
    Flying weight: 540g (with LiPo 3S 1500mAh and DJI AIR UNIT)
    Engine: MForce 2826CA-15
    Accu: LiPo 3S 1500-2200mAh

    Radio control and FPV are a lot of fun but it remains the responsibility of the builder and the flyers to follow local laws and regulations regarding the use of any plane including those carrying FPV equipment. New electronics are making amazing things possible but just because you can does not mean you should. Planes should not be flown over populated areas or in a way that could put other people or property at risk. Some of the FPV planes are being flown in at altitudes above that allowed for model planes putting them in commercial airport traffic routes. There are restrictions in place already in some areas because of the behavior of a few. Please be courteous and wise with how and where you fly.

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