Black Horse Model

PZL-104 Wilga 


Todella hieno ja yksityiskohtainen lennokki.

Kärkiväli: 2240 mm

Pituus: 1625 mm

Paino: 6,4kg


Lisäksi tarvitset:

Moottori: 26-35 cc Bensiini

Lähetin: 8 kanavaa

Servot: 9 x standardi voima


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PZL-104 Wilga 2240mm 26-35cc gas ARTF

Tuotenumero: BH124
775,00 €Hinta

    Don't you just hate Black Horse! They take one of the most complex real aircrat in the world and model it with such accuracy and quality that is almost takes your breath away. Most would look at the Wilga and immediately assume that the fuselage was fully moulded. Not so!! Black Horse have perfected the art of complex curves in manner that even the best modellers would struggle to do as a one-off.They have even gone to the trouble of adding the external stringers, so characteristic of the Wilga. It would not be right without them would it?

    Back at the tail end there is a scale tailplane and fin with a full flying section. The fin even has a scale radio aerial on it!

    Like the real Wilga, the Black Horse version is designed tough for tough operation and workmanlike performance. That amazing undercarriage is faithfully reproduced in a combination of steel, aluminium and composite parts to look the part and be fully working at the same time.

    In common with the original aircraft, the Black Horse Wilga has fully slatted leading edges to the wing although permanently fixed. At the rear of the wing there are true Fowler type flaps for amazing STOL performance. Make her to the OS GT33 or GF40 and you have the best combination of engine and model possible.

    Move into the cockpit and you can see that Black Horse have really gone to town! Not only are there two fully detailed and painted pilots, there are four seats, control columns and a very realistic instrument panel. You can access the entire internal compartment via scale side windows that actually open in the correct sense. Even the handles on the outside are simulated as part of the window fixing method.

    Flight characterisics are predictable and the speed envelope is wide. Just like the origianl aircraft, she would makea great glider tug if you add a tow mounting point of some kind.


    • Wingspan: 2240 mm
    • Length: 1625 mm
    • Weight: 6.4 kg
    • Landing gear type: Aluminium Hi-grade and oleo struts for main gear (included)
    • Servo mount: 42 x 21 mm

    Parts listing required (not included):

    • Engine: 26–35 cc Gas
    • Radio: 8 channels
    • Servos: 9x standard high torque servos

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