UniLIGHT Night-Fly LARGE DIY-set 

Sopii lennokkeihin joiden kärkiväli max. 2.5m

Pakkauksessa mukana kaksi siivenkärkeen kiinnitettävää valoa sekä kaksi pyrstöön kiinnitettävä valo.

Voidaan kytkä suoraan 2S LiPo akkuun tai uniLIGHT ohjainyksikköön.


Valoteho: noin 1200/700 lumene valkoinen

Paino: 2x44g ja 2x20g ilman johtoja


Night-Fly Large DIY-set up to 2.5m

Tuotenumero: NIGHT-L-DIYSET
190,00 €Hinta
  • Cheap DIY set for most large models with up to 2.5 meter span. The set consists of two wing blades for the wings and a tail balde for the tail and rear fuselage.

    There are no mounting plates included. Optionally there is the safety connection set NIGHT-LXL-CONRG.

    uniLIGHT Night Blades

    • Compact size with maximum performance
    • Lowest impact on flight behavior
    • New cable and plugless installation
    • Optimized, adjustable cooling reflector
    • Reduced self-glare
    • 5 sizes for all standards
    • especially for wings and symmetrical for the tail
    • Asymmetrical design for maximum ruggedness
    • Safety holder with position light available
    • large systems as cable and autonomous battery version

Uusi Porvoontie 1434

01190 Box


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