MULTIPLEX Simulatori ja Smart SX ohjain

Helpommaksi ei lennättämisen opettelu enää voisi olla.

Simulaattorissa mukana Multiplexin lennokit sekä Smart Sx lähetin.

Lähettimen voit käyttää jos hankit esim. EASYGLIDER 4 RR tai EASYSTAR 2 RR+ lennokin.


Toimii Windows ympäristössä.


MULTIflight PLUS set, mode 2+4

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  • MULTIflight PLUS:

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  • MULTIPLEX Simulator

    you want the hobby RC model airplane just try to free?
    The highlight for you the complete Multiflight PLUS set. It's all there and you can learn RC model flying easy. With the full 2.4GHz 6-channel remote control SMART SX also "right" RC model can be controlled. The SMART SX has a range of about 3 km. The remote control has 50 model memories on which all already MULTIPLEX RR + model aircraft are stored and recalled automatically by ID. With the Multiflight stick all M-LINK transmitter can be wirelessly connected to the PC.
    No problem. Here's our tip for unlimited flight pass, which is exciting and realistic 3D landscape. MULTIPLEX offers you the high-quality multi Flight Simulator. Suitable exercise platform for an easy and playful introduction to the hobby model flying. You have the option before purchase different multiplex helicopters and airplanes to fully test and reality. The 3D landscape provides you from the scene of a typical model airfield.

    The simulator can be wirelessly via the RC transmitter with the multi-flight stick on the PC control. With Multiflight you can refine your flying skills without anything gets broken. All models have a very realistic flight behavior, what you most in-flight limit states such as: can encountered stall, torquing, stalling / experience torn.

    • Large flying fun in a realistic 3D landscape
    • Typical of view of a model pilot
    • Detailed models
    • Very realistic flight characteristics
    • Languages: English, German, French
    • Regularly new models, flying scenes and extensions for download
    • With full-fledged 2.4GHz 6-channel remote control SMART SX

    powered by REFLEX



    channels SMART SX Mode 2 + 4, Multi-Flight Stick, Multiflight PLUS CD; 3 AA batteries for
    the transmitter; Manual, mini catalog

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