Hitec Universaali tasauslevy 2-6S

Soveltuu seuraaville tasausliittimille: XH / HP / PQ / EH / F

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Leveys: 90mm

Korkeus: 30mm

Pituus: 220mm

Paino: 60g

Hitec Universaali tasaus levy 2-6S

Tuotenumero: 118300
12,50 €Hinta
  • The HITEC Universal Balancer Board 6S finally solves the problem that all battery manufacturers use a wide variety of balancer systems.
    All common balancer systems are combined on one board. No matter which of your LiXX batteries you want to charge, you will find the right adapter from 2-6 cells.

    The HITEC Universal Balancer Board comes with an XH connection cable, which you can use to connect it directly to all HiTEC chargers. We also supply a second EH connection cable so that you can also connect it to all Graupner and Power Peak chargers. Of particular note is the stable and safe design, which makes this product stand out from those of other manufacturers.

    The HITEC Universal Balancer Board is indispensable for safely charging your LiXX batteries.

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