Hitec MultiCharger X1 RED


12V / 230V laturi max 6A

Microprosessoriohjattu laturi joka toimii sekä 12V että 230V.

10 latausohjelman muisti, laturilla USB-5V / 2.1V syöttö jolla pystyt lataamaan samanaikaisesti.


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Hitec MultiCharger X1 RED

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84,90 €Hinta
  • Leveys: 123mm

    Korkeus: 73mm

    Pituus: 159mm

    Paino: 470g

    Syöttö virta: 100-240 V AC / DC 11-18V

    Akkutyypit: Li-Po, Li-lon, LiFe, NiMH, NiCd, Pd

    Kennomäärä: LiXX 1-6, 1-16 NiXX

    Purkuvirta: max 2A

    Balanseri virta: 300mA

  • 12V / 230V charger with max. 6A
    The HITEC charger X1 RED is a microprocessor controlled 12V / 230V Ultra-performance loader, management functions, common for all battery types. Its sleek tower design allows easy front operation of all inputs: 4mm battery connector, Balancer (XH), temperature sensor ports, USB 5V / 2.1A and Micro-B USB. Special features are the easy to read 3.2-inch LCD screen and with the X1 RED can comfortably use over your computer's HITEC ChargeMaster software. This compact 60-watt power charger allows you to perform all your loading operations easy and convenient.


    • Optimized operating software
    • 10 different charge / discharge profiles
    • Integrated balancer for lithium batteries
    • suitable for different lithium battery types
    • Lithium charge programs: Normal, Fast, balance and storage shop
    • PC ChargeMaster Software
    • Efizienter fan for high performance with low heat generation
    • Slim tower design
    • Reverse polarity protection


    charger X1 RED, 1x charging cable Multiplex M6,
    1x charging cable XT-60, 1x Universal Balancer Board,
    German / English / French instruction manual

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