Du-Bro iso polttoainetankki 1,8L 

Tämä tankki soveltuu myös paineistetuille polttoainejärjestelmille.

Soveltuu Metanolille sekä pienkonebensalle.


Korkeus: 96mm

Leveys: 114mm

Pituus: 215,9mm

Fuel Tank BIG 1,8litre (60oz)

Tuotenumero: 13795
40,00 €Hinta
  • Du-Bro Fuel Tank 1800cc 60 oz


    • Protruding front protects fuel lines
    • Cap fits over neck of tank to prevent splitting
    • Soft brass tubes for easy bending
    • Single or twin vent design
    • Nickel plated large size clunk fuel pick-up for even fuel flow
    • Fuel tubing and fuel stopper for gasoline or glow fue.
    • Will not split or crack from vibration or pressure
    • Can be used with pressurized fuel systems


    • 60 oz. fuel tank
    • Stopper and tubing set
    • Fuel clunk pick-up
    • Tank cap set w/brass tubes


    • Height: 96 mm 
    • Length: 215.9 mm 
    • Width: 114 mm 

Uusi Porvoontie 1434

01190 Box


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