Formula Five muottivaha 340g


Formula Five Mould Release Wax 340g

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  • FORMULA FIVE® Mold release wax is a wax-based mixture developed for high gloss surfaces and excellent abrasion resistance.

    Containing silicone

    Resistant up to 100 °C

    Carnauba wax with modern synthetic waxes. For high-gloss surfaces. Polishing properties after a drying time of approx. 10-12 minutes.

    Excellent release effect!


    Application instructions of the manufacturer:
    Rub wax thoroughly onto clean surface of mold. Allow wax to remain on mold until moderately dry (wax will appear hazy). Buff with clean toweling, we recommend our cleaning and polishing cloth (item no. 365-SHT) until clear high gloss appears. Rebuff entire mold surface with cleaning toweling. Note: Use 2 to 3 coats of wax on first application only. Re-wax and buff as necessary.

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