FMS 80mm Puhallin 12-lapainen PRO, 3280-2100kV V2 moottori

Tehtaalla tasapainoitettu.

Jopa 3500g työntövoima.

Akkusuositus: 6S 4000mAh 45C LiPo

Nopeudensäädin: vähintään 100A


Leveys: 67mm

Pituus: 103mm


FMS Puhallin 80mm 12-lapainen PRO 3280-kV2100 V2 moottori

Tuotenumero: FMSDF009-1
145,00 €Hinta
  • FMS 50/64/70/80/90mm Ducated Fans are based on a contemporary design philosophy, with insider knowledge and research data on aerodynamics and air flow field analysis from the prestigious Beihang University. From there, we begin modeling 3D printing, dynamic test, and finally mould processing.

    All-composite materials processing and injection molding processing boast ultra-high rigidity and toughness. First class mold design ensures excellent dynamic balance. The sound effect and efficiency trumps almost all other metal-ducted fans in the market. In addition, the coherent structure makes it possible to install on most 50/64/70/80/90mm ducated fan jets, without many manual changes.

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