9 kanavainen DR telemetria vastaanotin

Vastaanottimessa 2 kpl vastaanotinpiirejä.

Telemetria kanava vastaanottimessa

Signaalin vahvistin

Hold/ FAIL-SAFE toiminto

Informatiivinen LED

Päivitettävissä Multiplex launcher ohjelmalla

Yhteensopiva SRXL


Tekniset tiedot:

Leveys: 34mm

Korkeus: 12mm

Pituus: 49mm

Paino: 19g

Yhteensopiva: M-LINK lähettimet

Telemetria valmius: Kyllä

Kanava määrä: 9

Multiplex Vastaanotin RX-9-DR M-LINK

Tuotenumero: 55812
109,90 €Hinta
  • 9-channel DR receiver with telemetry function

    A high-quality 9-channel receiver with MULTIPLEX 2.4 GHz M-LINK technology, built using thelatest SMD technology, for all types of models. Thanks to its compact dimensions with inline connector arrangement, it also fits into models with limited installation space. As a dual receiver, this receiver has two complete receiver circuits that work in parallel (receiver diversity). In conjunction with a special signal pre-amplification, this ensures maximum sensitivity and thus excellent reception quality and maximum system range. This M-LINK receiver is developed and built in Germany. Quality Made in Germany!

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