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Our CAP 21 is designed for large model aerobatics and is especially light, but in spite of this is very strong. It can be best described as being of simple construction. Nevertheless our CAP 21 is scale in every detail.

Due to this simplicity the model goes together in a surprisingly short time. The wing is of conventional construction. That is to say, spars, ribs and fully planked with 2 mm Balsa sheeting. The wing is built in one piece, a two piece wing of the same strength would increase the weight to an unacceptable level. The full-size CAP is an all wood airplane, our CAP also, with the fuselage being a simple Balsa box construction with a half round Turtle deck. The CAP is totally unsuited for Fibreglass with it?s flat fuselage sides.

The motor cowl, wing root fairings, the wheel spats and tailplane centre section fairing are made with very lightweight epoxy and glass cloth. As with the full size CAP all the control surfaces on this model are shrouded. The ailerons have spindle moulded leading edges with matching wing trailing edges. The leading edges of the rudder and the elevators are vacuum formed. The elevator servo is built into the tailplane, the tailplane is removable. The rudder can be taken off by withdrawing the piano wire hinge pin, all this to ease transport.
Apart from these aforementioned points the kit is made to our exacting standards. There are shaped jig strips to ensure accurate assembly of the wings and tailplane. All Balsa used in the kit is selected first at the log stage, and again when fully machined and sanded. 
Without doubt the best choice is the Titan ZG 62. Without a tuned pipe this engine has more than enough power for any form of aerobatics and has the added advantage of a saving in weight. The 62 can turn larger propellers without losing power, a prerequisite for scale maneuvers where the model flies slowly and with constant airspeed. The Titan ZG 62SL fitted onto the CAP 21 Hydro Mount System #6706 designed specially for our CAP 21 combined with the Stainless steel silencer #6660 makes the CAP 21 into a super show model but without the usual noise and maintenance. The engine and silencer fits inside the scale motor cowl.

To summarize, the CAP 21 is a model that any average pilot can fly the modern Aerobatic schedule, with any amount of tight turns and landings, and without a racing pulse.



Photogallery Cap 21


  • Scale: 1:3,4
  • Wingspan: 2376 mm (93,5 in)
  • Length: 1900 mm (75 in)
  • Wingarea: 83 dm2
  • Weight: 7,5-8,5 kg

Cap 21 Complete kit

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