Guillow´s British S.E.5A

Nyt laserleikatuilla osilla.

Kärkiväli: 61cm

Pituus: 48,25cm

Mittakaava: 1:12

Kumimoottori tai .020 kokoluokan polttomoottori

British S.E.5A

Tuotenumero: GU0202LC
68,00 €Hinta
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    The most famous British scout plane of World War 1. Designed and built by the Royal Aircraft Factory, 2,973 S.E. 5 and 5A machines had been delivered by October 1918. Mostly employed on the western front, the balance were used in training units in Great Britain.


    Wing Span: 24"

    Scale: 1/14

Uusi Porvoontie 1434

01190 Box


Y-tunnus 1772904-1

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