Lipo lataus ja kuljetus laukku

Multiplex battery Safe 10- Made in Germany


Valmistettu EN531 normin mukaisesti kestää 1200C lämpötilaa.

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Battery Safe 10 Lipo Latauspussi

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  • LiPo charging and transport

    bag Safety First: the safest method for charging, storing and transporting your LiPo batteries. For the AkkuSafe 10, MULTIPLEX uses a material “Made in Germany” that is flame-retardant up to 1200 ° C and meets the highest safety requirements!
    Handling lithium-polymer high-performance batteries requires special measures to ensure safe charging, discharging and storage. In the event of a defect or incorrect handling, LiPo batteries can ignite and cause considerable damage.
    The MULTIPLEX AkkuSafe 10 is made of special, fireproof and certified material in accordance with the European standard EN531. In addition to observing the special charging and safety instructions for LiPo batteries, our AkkuSafe 10 offers additional protection for storing 10 standard LiPo batteries (e.g. 3S / 2000mAh) or 5 Car Hartcase 2S LiPo batteries.

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