The latest design from LD models - AURI DLG. 

It’s based on latest trends in F3K sport and best composit materials available in the market. 

AURI is perfect for pilots of any level from beginner to top competitor. 

Gentle flying, stiff construction and shiny surfaces is all that needed for nice days at the field. 

Standard model comes with checkerboard fiber skins, full carbon fuselage and glass tails. 

KIT comes with all necessary small parts: pushrods for ailerons, pull-spring setup for tails, screws, horns, T-peg. 

Hand for take off - universal


Wing  -  85 g

Fuselage  -  26 g

Rudder  -  5 g

Elevator  -  5 g

Expected ready to fly weight - 180-190 g


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Auri Super light (26g Carboline)

680,00 €Hinta
  • wing area: 20 dm2

    wing aspect ratio: 11.4


    h-tail area: 1.8 dm2

    v-tail area: 1.9 dm2


    weight (RTF): 180-190g

    weight (empty): 120-130g

    wing loading 9-11 g/dm2

  • 2-10 viikkoa