A123 LiFePO4

Kapasiteetti: 2500mAh

Jännite: 3,3V

Paino: 76.8g

Akku: LiFe-PO4

Purkuvirta: 20C

Mitat: 65x26mm

A123 2500mAh Li-Fe 3.3V

Tuotenumero: 9701098
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  • Revolution: A123 LiFePO4!
    The "123" cells combine the robustness of a NiCd cell with the advantages of lithium ion technology.
    Ultra fast charging of the cells with 4C! (approx. 20min!)
    Reliable, robust, intrinsically safe
    low weight
    at least the same power during the entire charging time
    high cycle stability
    "123" Technology:
    no thermal uncontrollability
    no oxygen production
    no excess lithium in the cathode
    Overcharging does not lead to electroplating of lithium
    low cathode voltage, less electrolyte oxidation, longer lifetime
    good compatibility in case of overloading
    excellent service life with strong force discharge
    several thousand cycles at 1C discharge and more than 75% of their capacity after 20A discharge