Biela 20x12 3-lapa scale potkuri Corsair

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20" potkurin MAX kierrosnopeus 7,000 RPM

20x12C 3-lapa scale potkuri Corsair

Tuotenumero: BIEL32012RSC
73,50 €Hinta
  • The Biela Propeller Company was established in Poland in 2000.
    All Biela propellers are made by hand. 
    Biela only uses the highest quality of carbon fiber, fiberglass and epoxy 
    from French and German suppliers. 
    Kevlar rowing go into propellers of 30” and larger for additional strength.
    The hub of the propeller is made of hard wood. 
    The blades are hollow and the tips are solid. 
    The propellers are light and very stiff.