Du-Bro ilmatöytteiset 127mm 5" isot pyörät

pyörä akseli 4mm

Leveys: 50mm

Paino: 235g/kpl


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127mm, 5" isot pyörät

Tuotenumero: DU500RV
36,90 €Hinta
  • Smooth inflatable tires with positive seal air valves. Features two piece bolt together hubs and hub caps. Wheels can be inflated (or deflated) thru a tiny valve in the side of the tire. Axle diameter size 5/32 (4 mm).  Ideal as "tundra" tires to give an authentic look.  2/pkg.

    500RV - 5.00" (127 mm) 
    5/32" (4 mm) 
    235 grams/wheel 1.950" (50 mm)