uniLIGHT SCALE-Large lighting set

Soveltuu kärkiväliltään 1.5-3m lennokkiin.



1 x 4-kanavainen ohjausyksikkö

2 x Strobo valkoinen

1 x Strobo punainen

1 x 25mm laskeutumisvalo

2 x Navigointivalo


SCALE-Large lighting set

Tuotenumero: SET-SCALE-L2
167,50 €Hinta
  • A DIY lighting set with the best lightings for your DIY-Project. The Set consists all normal lightings for a perfect lighting. This includes a 4-channel-contoller, landing lights, flash-/Beaconlights and navigation lights.

    The set is suitable for models from about 1.5 to 3m wingspan and operates directly from 2S LiPo (8V). All luminaires are directly ready for use and only need to be connected to the control module. The work for the modeller is limited to the laying or extending the cable. The set can of course be expanded with the components individually available.

    • Controller 4-Channel(MODUL-B4)
    • 2x Flashight Ultrapower WHITE (2x PURE-080x2-WE)
    • Flashlight RED (PUREX-040-RT)
    • 25mm Spotlight thermal cutoff (SPOT25F-080-WE)
    • Positioning lights RED+GREEN (PURE-040x2-RT/-GN)
    • cap PROFILE (CAP-PRO)
    • 2xcap uniLIGHT (2x CAPS-UNI-6)
    • Operating voltage 8V/2S. For more information, please refer to the descriptions of the individual products!

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