ORATEX vaalean harmaa 10m rulla.

Scale-rakentajan valinta.

Saatavana myös  20m rulla.

Leveys 600mm


ORATEX 10m light grey

Tuotenumero: 10-011-010
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  • ORATEX®, an iron-on type polyester fabric covering, is ideal for all scale models, large scale models and historical models. NOT FOR GENERAL AVIATION!


    ORATEX®has 5 points in its favour:

    1. Easy application: due to its pliability and a shrinkage of 5 % in both directions ORATEX®is easy to apply round corners and edges. Creases can easily be removed with a heat-gun.

    2. Excellent adhesion: the adhesive of ORATEX®is about twice as strong as that of conventional fabric coverings.

    3. Remarkable toughness and stability of the fabric.

    4. Protective seal: the surface of ORATEX®has been treated to make it resistant to fuel and oil. You can paint or varnish it if you wish, but there is no need for it!

    5. 14 attractive colours.



    ORATEX®Hotmelt Adhesive

    Unstable wood fibres can become insecure and can rip off due to the weight. The consequences would be wrinkling and in the worst case the complete peeling off of the fabric.

    Our tip:

    For an optimal pre-treatment of your wood surface we recommend to coat the surfaces to be ironed with ORATEX®Hotmelt Adhesive. The ORATEX®Hotmelt Adhesive penetrates the wood and sticks together the loose wood fibres of the heartwood. With that you reach an excellent three-D adhesion of the ORATEX®fabric with the surface. With the ORATEX®Hotmelt Adhesive you do not need a further pre-treatment of the wood anymore.

    Application of the ORATEX®Hotmelt Adhesive:

    1. Sand your wood completely and remove the swarf (vacuum).

    2. Stir up well the contents of the tin.

    3. Apply the ORATEX®Hotmelt Adhesive 1 – 2 times thinly and evenly by using a brush.

    4. Let the adhesive dry overnight, however at least 10 hours. (Please do not resand).

    5. Cover your model as always with the thermal shrink fabric covering ORATEX®.

    Productivity: approx. 1 tin / 1m²

    Unsuitable for surfaces which are not resistant to organic solvents.