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Ota ohjat Multiplex SMART SX 9 FLEXX

Tämä edullinen ohjain on suunniteltu monitoimisille RC veneille, rekoille jne.


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Tuotenumero: 15303
99,90 €Hinta
  • Paino: 0,7kg

    Yhteensopivuus: M-LINK

    Kanavien määrä: 9

    Malli muisti: 50 kpl

    Puhe: ei

    Telemetria: ei

    Servo kanavat: 5

  • Take control with M-LINK!

    When a traditional German company that stands for quality, system solutions, service and sustainability, developed a new remote control for the function model builders, the result is something special. A whole system. Multi-functions for full control in the world of RC boats, trucks, crawlers and tracked vehicles to be mentioned here just a few applications.

    SMART 9 SX FLEXX M-LINK 2.4 GHz is the intelligent 9-channel remote control for the functional modeling! Immerse yourself in the world of M-LINK, the ultra-modern and highly secure 2.4 GHz transmission system. M-LINK products are fully compatible with each. A system from one source! From the super small 3g receiver to the professional channel receiver 16, telemetry data in real time (MSB), speech output system and programmable multi-function blocks coupled in a bus system in order to demonstrate some of the ways.

    The SMART SX 9 FLEXX M-LINK set (# 1 5303) comprises a 5-channel receiver RX-5 M-LINK ID 1 and therefore has an optimized and comfortable use of models with common multi-function units (z. B. MFC-01 ). In addition, you can use a completely flexible assignment concept that will inspire the functional model makers to entirely new solutions in the model.

    With SMART SX M-LINK 9 FLEXX RC truck and RC tank models with multi-function units (z. B. MFC-01) can be controlled very comfortable. No annoying adjustment of the trim more to control certain functions.

    In the SMART SX M-LINK 9 FLEXX everything works very simple and direct. Light on-off per stick pressure and it turns his truck transmission via a rocker switch as a sequential three-speed transmission. Everything goes's play. Optional attractive stations sticker printed assignments are available for users of Tamiya truck or tank models.

    The SMART SX 9 FLEXX M-Link has the patented automatic recognition model ID. 50 ID model memories are available. The remote control will recognize the various MULTIPLEX ID receiver and managed automatically. This means that simply turn on the transmitter, switch model and the SMART SX M-LINK 9 FLEXX know which model is to be controlled. Any change or trimming is automatically saved.

    To use FLEXX M-LINK as a 9-channel transmitter for function models the transmitter SMART SX 9, you need a 9-channel M-LINK receiver. We recommend the optional 9-channel receiver RX-4/9 FLEXX M-LINK ID (# 5 5837). The special features of the RX-4/9 FLEXX are the adjustable ID, max. 4 proportional channels, max. 9 switching channels in conjunction with the switching modules multiswitch FLEXX (# 7 5888).

    These switching modules can be connected in any quantity in a bus system to the 9-channel receiver RX-4/9 FLEXX.

    • 9-channel (in connection with the receiver RX-4/9 FLEXX and multiswitch FLEXX)
    • 50 ID model memory (ID set at the receiver RX-4/9 FLEXX)
    • compatible with all M-LINK receivers
    • ID = Automatic Model recognition
    • IOAT: new patented antenna technology (range of about 3 km)
    • Implementation of almost all RC models available on the market (trucks, tanks, cars, boats)
    • 2.4 GHz M-LINK: Many models can be operated simultaneously without interference
    • servo reverse easily adjustable
    • Digital steering trim
    • buzzer for audible feedback: trimming, transmitter battery, function keys
    • update bar via integrated interface (USB cable # 85149 and MPX Launcher)
    • ergonomic: lightweight and handy
    • Long operating time up to 25 h


    stations SMART SX 9 FLEXX M-LINK, the receiver RX-5 ID1 M-LINK, 3 AA batteries for the
    transmitter, detailed instruction manual