Pieni, kevyt lennokki josta voi rakentaa joko puhtaan liidokin tai varustaa pienellä sähkömoottorilla (Roxxy BL 1820/16)

Balsa rakenne, laserleikatut osat.

Kärkiväli: 1245mm

Pituus: 830mm

Siipi pinta-ala: 15 dm2

Lentopaino: 250g

Siipikuormitus: 17g/dm2

RC toiminnot: korkeus, sivu ja moottori


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Innovation kit

Tuotenumero: GRU1612
75,00 €Hinta
  • INNOVATION (NOVELTY 2017!) - your low priced ticket into the eagle's paradise

    A new „highest quality lasercut kit" from Gruener-CNC. "Made in Germany"!

    Innovative construction:


    Fully planked wing with high aspect-ratio

    • Innovative spar
    • Integrated leading edge
    • Both electric and glider version in one kit!

    Main details:


    Fully planked wing with an innovative spar.

    and a wingspan of 1245mm and an OAW of just 250g, sprad on approx.15dm² what means a wing loading of approx. 17g/dm², fuselage length: 830mm, one-piece wing with dual dihedral and integrated wingtips, tailplane mounted in front of the rudder.

    The kit includes parts for the construction of both versions – electric version and glider version

    The model:

    16.12.2016: Once again our main supplier GRUENER-CNC created - in close cooperation with the Heavenly H-Team - a new model-kit in a wordwide leading, unique and extraordinary quality. Innovative wing construction, outstanding quality of the lasercut parts, a multicolored, plotted construction plan, detailed construction manual with lots of pictures of the different stages of construction. Easy and fast construction, easy to fly!


    With our INNOVATION we intend to make you happy and satisfy all those, who always wanted to build and fly a Hoellein/Gruener model with low financial input and little construction efforts, and all those, who want to have a little, handy and solid model with a wide speed range and an excellent flight performance and for those, who just want to relax while flying.

    The airfoil (MB971) is designed by Markus Becker ( exclusively for this model. Innovation is blessed with forgiving slow-fly and stall characteristics, a wide speed range and low resistance. Both, the high aspect ratio and the similarity of the fuselage contours to our Inside/Introduction, were chosen intentionally, as we just can't get enough of this outstanding fuselage shape ... and we're sure that one day we'll receive the "Red Dot Design Award" for our Innovation …

    The kit:
    Precisely lasercut wooden construction, really simple (Hoellein-3d-puzzle), easy to fly and paired with forgiving starting-, flying- and landing characteristics, a wide speed range due to the profile MB-971, excellent flying- and thermalling qualities. Purchase of single spare parts and assemblies? - No problem at all! „Made in Germany“ means the manufacturer is just some miles away from us.
    The special design feature of the fully planked wing is the innovative spar, which, as well as the ribs, is fixed with pegs in cut-outs of the lower plank sheets and forms an interlocking construction that provides a superb stability of the wing. Stylish wingtips are the elegant finish of the wings. The fuselage, made of balsa, is reinforced with light plywood in the front. A precisely shaped milled part is already prepared to fix the motor ROXXY® BL 1820/16. The canopy is locked by a power magnet. The kit contains, besides of the lasercut parts, also all the small parts and linkages. All the kits of the Gruener-CNC-line include a multicolored construction plan scaled 1:1 and a fully illustrated German construction manual.
    Glue, covering film, power- and RC-components are NOT included in the kit. As covering film we recommend ORACOVER or ORALIGHT iron-on film.

    By the way: on the 16th of December 2016 at 10 a.m. our boss had his first thermal flight with his INNOVATION in 30m above the industrial area of Lautertal. The sky was overcast at +5°C (!).

    Recommended power drive:
    The recommended power drive – consisting of the BL-outrunner ROXXY® BL 1820/16, a 3-cell LiPo battery with a capacity of 350mAh and the Graupner CAM FOLDING folding props 4.7x.2.4 – allows a lot of rocket- like climbs to thermal country. Due to the low weight and low resistance of the plane a 350mAh 3-cell LiPo battery together with the recommended drive (approx. 10-15s motor run time per climb) is quite sufficient for approx. 4 minutes run time. Even beginners (to whom the plane is interesting due to the flying characteristics and the low entry price) can cope with it during the climb.

    • Drive ROXXY® BL Outrunner 1820/16, Multiplex # 314942
    • Controler ROXXY® BL-Control 810 BEC, Multiplex # 318645
    • CAM FOLDING SET 4,7 x 2,4, Graupner # 1335.12.6
    • LiPo-battery Hacker 3S 350mAh, Hacker # 20350341
    • 2 servos MPX/Hitec HS-40 or D-Power # DPAS107
    • Receiver with normal range and at least 3 channels
    • Transmitter of your preference (no mixing necessary)

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