Du-Bro Tankkauspiste 908

Näppärä apuväline, soveltuu Metanolille. Vaihtamalla letkut "tygon" letkuihin soveltuu bensiinille ja kerosiinille.


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Filling station

Tuotenumero: 13908
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  • When you fuel your aircraft with the Fillin' Station from DU-BRO®, you will have everything you need right on board your bottle or fuel can. The Fillin' Station comes complete with the DU-BRO® Kwik-Fill Hand Crank Fuel Pump, Kwik Fill Fuel Cap Fitting, Leak Proof Cap, Silicone Tubing, Built-In Tool Holders, Anodized Glo Plug Holders, Kwik Start Glo-Plug Ignitor with charger, Glo Caddy, and the DU-BRO® 4-Way Wrench. You can also buy the unloaded version which includes everything except the Kwik Start Glo-Plug Ignitor, and the 4-Way Wrench (Cat. No 908). The Fillin' Station is a must have for aircraft modelers.

    Note: This can be used with gasoline by simply purchasing Tygon tubing to use in place of the provided silicone tubing.


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