Airbus A320 short kit

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Tästä short kitistä voidaan rakentaa seuraavat Airbus A320 versiot:

Versio      kärkiväli     pituus    pinta-ala     paino

A318       2130mm  1960mm  47,8dm2  7000g

A319       2130mm  2110mm  47,8dm2  7500g

A320       2130mm  2350mm  47,8dm2  8000g

A321       2130mm  2780mm 47,8dm2  8500g


Moottoriksi: Turbiini 2 x 25N työntö tai sähköpuhallin 2 x 90mm

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Airbus A320 short kit

Tuotenumero: Rauch A320
455,00 €Hinta
  • With a total of more than 6500 planes delivered up to now and a rising number of orders the Airbus A320 family is the most successful program of Airbus. The best selling member of this family is the A320 itself with the A319 being second. 

    The orginal aircraft is available with different engine types, for the model planes the nacelle of the IAE V2500 engine has been choosen. This good flying plane can also be powered by EDFs. A gyro should be used on rudder to improve flight characteristics in case of engine failure.

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