DH.82A Tiger Moth kit, wingspan 2.70 m


The 106" Tiger Moth has the size and inertia to allow even an inexperienced pilot to fly with ease and really scale like. The landing gear is fully sprung.

DH.82 Tiger Moth 2.7m

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  • The flying characteristics of the 106" Tiger Moth are absolutely scale. Like the full-size, she is easy, but not boring to fly. The Tiger has the size, weight and inertia to allow an inexperienced pilot to fly with ease and at the same time allow a really scale like flight pattern.

    The 106" Tiger Moth has both wings split, the landing gear is fully sprung and entails a fair amount of metal work. The carefully thought out rigging method allows the Tiger Moth to be put together in a matter of minutes. 



    Wingspan:          2.70 m  (106 in) 
    Fuselage length: 2.19 m  (86 in) 
    Wing area:         2.20 m2  (3410 in2)
    All up weight:     12-15 kg  (26.5 - 34 lbs)
    Wing loading:     55-70 g/dm2  (17.90 - 22.97 oz./ft2)



    The Valach VM 60S1-4T with it's unique Valach sound surprised us, how effortlessly it pulls the 106" Tiger Moth around really big loops. It is the best choice for scale flying, for sight as well as sound.

    With the Titan ZG 38SC with our 1:2.8 reduction gear, tuned stainless steel silencer #5770 and carburettor bend #3878, you will find the performance is unlimited, the stall turns and hammerheads are breathtaking. Landing with that huge 32" prop turning at a mere 500 rpm is an unforgettable experience for the pilot and spectators. Best of all is the wonderful sound, which can only be obtained with this combination of engine, gear ratio and propeller!

    Fit the Titan ZG 62SL and you will be able to perform almost the same type of flying, but the 62 requires that you make a silencer with a very close fitting header pipe (can be built from the parts kit #6649), also you must fit the 60 mm propeller hub so that the motor stays inside the cowl. 


    Tiger Moth kit contents:

    • CNC-milled balsa and aircraft plywood wing ribs  
    • CNC-milled formers 
    • Balsa fuselage sides sanded to shape 
    • All strip wood, carefully checked for quality 
    • All other balsa, birch plywood and pine parts preshaped 
    • Fuel tank 
    • Wheels 
    • Instruments 
    • Scale oil tank 
    • Headguards in PU foam 
    • Vac formed windscreens 
    • Epoxy/Glass motor cowl 
    • Epoxy/Glass top wing tank 
    • Preformed wire parts 
    • Nylon covered rigging wire and wire for control surfaces 
    • Rudder horns 
    • huge full-size rolled plans 
    • 3-view scale drawing




    The kit is supplied without motor mount and spinner, the motor mount is part of the reduction gear. You have to buy glue and covering material to complete the airframe.

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