Titan ZG 62 SL


In 1990 Komatsu reworked the cylinder specially for model aircraft purposes this S cylinder had the transfer passages altered as well as the combustion chamber. This resulted in an increase of 200 rpm in the 6,500 range. Fit a tuned pipe and the rpm is considerably increased, giving a power of 6,6 hp at 8,400 rpm. 


The crankshaft is a hefty piece of forged steel, induction hardened, with a diameter of 15 mm and supported in two large ballraces, the conrod is a forged unit also induction hardened with caged roller bearings both ends, the gudgeon pin is hollow. There are two thin pegged rings. The ignition unit consists of two separate coils, both fixed to the side of the motor causing no interference with the cooling air. The standard Walbro pump carburettor is fitted with a choke.


The very wide and cleanly formed cooling fins allow the use of large propellers causing the motor to turn at relatively low speeds. For aerobatic aircraft like our CAP 21 the 22x10" or the 22x12" Menz S propeller has proved to be very good. Our big Tiger flies best with the 24x10". If you wish to, or must, reduce the noise still further, then you can pull the intake air out of the fuselage by fitting a 90 degree bend between the carburettor and motor. The intake noise is louder than the noise from the standard silencer. This bend by lengthening the intake tract allows the fitting of a 24x12" or 26x10" Menz S propeller, of course you are not going to get the maximum power from the motor by this method, but you have more than enough power to fly our big Tiger with the 62?s throttle set at just a rather fast tickover.


The lowest possible noise level in flight with lots of power is obtained with our Hydro-Mount-System, coupled with the Stainless steel silencer, sucking the intake air out of the fuselage and fitting a Super Silence 21x12" Carbon 3-blade propeller at 6,300 rpm. For higest performance use the Super Silence 24x10" Carbon 2-blade prop. It produces 130 N static thrust at 6500 rpm.

The ZG 62 SL is delivered complete with silencer, fitted with 40 mm prop hub, but
without motormount.

Power curve ZG 62 SL


  • Capacity: 62 cc 
  • Bore: 47,5 mm 
  • Stroke: 35 mm 
  • Power: 4,3 hp 
  • with tuned pipe: 6,6 hp 
  • Weight: 2040 g without silencer and engine mount



437,00 €Hinta

    Uusi Porvoontie 1434

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