ZDZ 140B2RV-G-Champion

Uskomaton taho-paino suhde, 140ccm boxeri bensamoottori jossa prosessori ohjattu sytytys.


Tilavuus: 140ccm

Paino: 2500g ilman sytytys yksikköä

Kierros alue: 1000-8500rpm

Sytytys: Prosessori ohjattu, 4,8-7V

Polttoaine N95+öljy: 1:35

2-lapainen potkuri: 28x12, 29x9, 29x10, 30x10

3-lapainen potkuri: 27x10/9


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ZDZ 140B2RV-G Champion

Tuotenumero: zdz140B2RV-G
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  • ZDZ 140B2RV-G Champion

    Awesome power to weight ratio two-stroke 140ccm opposed twin-cylinder model gas engine with processor-controlled ignition.

    The most powerful and the best power to weight ratio in its class Fully CNC made crankcase and backplate out of 7075 aluminum alloy.

    Three bearings on crankshaft. 

    Easy to reinstall instead of ZDZ 112B2RV-J (same backplate pattern) 

    New construction technology with separate cylinder heads and special combustion chamber shape and spark plug position for maximum power.

    Separate cylinder heads allow multiple tunning subversions: 

    modified combustion chamber for the even smoother run,

    increased cylinder head surface for easier cooling, colors,

    doubled spark plugs option for better safety. 

    Well tested and proven technology of cylinder head gasket (former ZDZ engines from the late 1990s and actual ZDZ 250 and ZDZ 500B4) ZDZ 140B2RV-G brings awesome power, lightweight and same time very durable and reliable powerhouse.

    Its run and very fast transitions are superior smooth with the lowest level of vibrations you could imagine.

    Fuel intake of this engine is managed by a rotary valve which contrary to the usual reed valve system allows much more precise control over the timing and the same time brings a much longer lifetime without need to change reeds.



    Weight: 2500g without ignition
    RPM range: 1000-8500RPM
    Ignition: Processor. controlled 4,8-7V
    Fuel mixture N95+rec.oil: 1:35
    Recomm twinblade props: 28x12, 29x9,29x10, 30x10
    Recomm. threeblade props: 27x10/9

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