FMS 70MM Yak 130 High Performance Gray PNP

Here comes the first of a new series of planes from FMS, the new 70mm Ducted Fan Yak130!

FMS has been committed to the development and production of propeller aircrafts for years, and we have never stopped enhancing our products from the year we were founded. Utilizing many of the new concepts from our propeller planes, FMS is upgrading and adding new and exciting Electric Ducted Fans to our lineup of planes.

The first in line for improvement is our NEW Yak130 featuring our new and improved 70mm fan unit. The craftsmanship that has gone into this model began with the initial concept prototype. After which, refinements were determined and implemented, bringing to you the most accurately defined Yak on the current market.

Some of the improvements and redesign include a plastic leading edge on the air inlet duct, providing a smooth flow of air into the duct while protecting the inlet from possible damage from a less than perfect landing. Everything, from the panel lines, cockpit interiors and scaled pilot down to the removable drop fuel tank are finely detailed. Even assembly has been redesigned to make your time in getting ready for flight quick and easy. There is a main spar tube that runs through the fuselage and wing to help strengthen the airframe which is then fastened with screws. The surface control horns and wires are preinstalled and utilize our ball link design making for very accurate flight control.

The overall performance has been a major consideration for the Yak, and using our latest 12-blade 70mm ducted fan, together with the Predator 2860-KV1850 motor, 70 AMP ESC has resulted in great power and speed with a 6S battery. The added bonus to this power system, is the sound this new 12 blade makes. You can hear the power it provides. The landing gear retract units use a 3.5 strut wire for support and strength for those less than perfect landings. All servos are pre-mounted and are our own digital design, making for precise maneuvers whether in high or low speed flight.

We have incorporated our new environmentally friendly water-based paint. The water-based paint has provided better spreadability and a glossier appearance. It can protect the fragile foam parts under any condition.


  • Scaled appearance, with pilot, oil tank, retractable landing gear
  • Powerful inner running motor with latest 70mm 12 blades ducted plus the high quality Predator 70A ESC
  • Metal digital servos for better controlling capacity
  • Retractable front and rear landing gear
  • Function Flaps
  • Ball link design
  • Button type canopy, set free from fall-off problem
  • The simplified assembly structure of main wing set
  • Water-based paint for better color and gloss


  • Wingspan: 800 mm
  • Overall Length: 1060 mm
  • Flying Weight: 1900 g
  • Motor Size: 2860 KV1850
  • ESC: 70A
  • Servo: 8x 9g
  • Rec Radio: 6 Channels
  • CG (center of gravity): 80-85mm
  • Recommended Battery: 22.2V 2600-3300mAh 35C LiPo
  • Aileron: Yes
  • Elevator: Yes
  • Rudder: Yes
  • Flaps: Yes
  • Retracts: Yes
  • Approx. Flying Duration: 5 min
  • Minimum Age Recommendation: 14+
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Recommended Environment: Outdoor
  • Assembly Time: 30 minutes
  • Is Assembly Required: Yes
  • Material: Durable EPO
  • Requires: Radio System, Battery and Charger

    Yak 130 800mm

    Tuotenumero: FMS088PGRY
    315,00 € Normaali hinta
    305,00 €Alehinta
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    • Delivered as: Almost-Ready-To-Fly
      Operating Mode: Electric
      Plane Type: Ducted Fan
      Span: 800 mm
      Suitable For: Expert
      Length: 1060 mm
      Material: Foam
      Weight: 1900 g
      ESC: 70A BL
      Transmitter: Not Included
      Aileron: Yes
      Motor Type: Brushless
      Motor/Engine: BL 2860-1850KV
      Flaps: Yes
      Retractable Landing Gear: Yes
      Battery: Not Included
      Also Including: 8 x Servon
      Needed To Complete: 6S-Li-Po Battery, Charger, Transmitter & Reciever

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