Semi-scale malli taitolentokoneesta. Valmistettu "melkein särkymättömästä" EPP materiaalista.



Valmiiksi väritetty runko, siipi, peräsimet, laskuteline ja kaikki pientarvikkeet


Lisäksi tarvitset:

4 kanavaisen lähettimen, 4 mikro servoa, harjattoman moottorin noin 250W (M Force 3530CA-14)

Nopeudensäätimen 40A, spinneri 50mm, potkuri 11/4,7 akku 3S 1500-2500mAh, ohutta pikaliimaa



135,00 €Hinta
  • Kärkiväli: 1000mm

    Pituus: 1050mm

    Lentopaino: noin 770g

    Moottori: 250W

  • Semi-scale high performance model for aerobatic flying. ULTIMATE 3D is made from EPP “almost unbreakable” material. The fuselage construction and wing carbon reinforcements make the ULTIMATE 3D extremely strong and durable!
    Contains: Fuselage, wings, elevator and rudder (all already painted parts), landing gear, wheels, carbon reinforcements and pushrods, complete hardware and instruction guide.

    Basic power set:
    Motor: MFORCE 3530CA-14
    ESC: MC-22 or MC-45
    Prop: APC 11/5,5“ electro (for 3S LiPo battery), APC 10/5“ electro (for 4S LiPo battery)
    Battery: LiPo 3S or 4S 1600-2200mAh (4S battery adds a lot of power and it is good combination with this motor and 10/5E prop)
    Flying weight: > 770g

    High power set (3D):
    Motor: MFORCE 3536CA-8
    ESC: MC-45
    Prop: APC 11/5,5“ electro (for 3S LiPo battery)
    Battery: LiPo 3S 1600-2200mAh
    Flying weight: > 800g

    Items needed to complete (not included): 4-Channel RC Set, 4 mini servos 9-15g MG No. HC4357, brushless motor 250-400W MFORCE 3536CA-8 No. HC3512 and ESC MC-45A No. HC3375 or Tuning Combo No. HC3542 (motor MF 3536CA-8 with ESC MC-45A), spinner 45mm, propeller APC 11/5.5 No. HCLP11055E, servowire extension 1x 10-15cm No. HC4479, 2x 20cm No. HC4480 and 2x 30cm No. HC4483, LiPo battery 3S 1500-2500mAh, thin CA glue with CA kicker, basic tools.
    ------ parametry ------
    Weight: > 770g
    Wingspan: 1000mm
    Lenght: 1050mm
    RC: 4 – motor, ailerons (2 servos), elevator, rudder
    Motor: 250-400W … MFORCE 3530CA-14 / MFORCE 3536CA-8 
    ESC: MC-45A
    Battery: LiPol 3-4S 1500-2500mAh
    Propeller: 10/5“ (4S LiPo), 11/5.5“ (3S LiPo)

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