Stainless Steel Mini Pipe for Titan ZG 20 and ZG 23

A very effective mini tuned pipe with excellent silencing and a very pleasant sound. Is fitted to the engine with a ? header, increases the power of the ZG 20 by 40%. We have measured 9,400 rpm with a APC 16x8 propeller using this mini tuned pipe. 

This tuned pipe is Laser welded and highly polished. With only 40 mm diameter and the short tuning length, will easily fit into most models. Even if you are forced to hang this pipe onto the underside of the model it does not detract from the overall appearance of the model too much. In fact it can have an enhancing effect on some models. 

The header is joined with a 5 cm long Teflon tube #3894 and two spring clips #3893. 

Weight is 178 g.

Teräksinen Mini Pipe Titan ZG20 ja ZG23

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