Mick Reeves Sopwith Pup 1/4 Full kit 


100% Scale rakennussarja,

Kärkiväli: 2020mm

Paino: 7kg

Moottori: 15cc-30cc


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Sopwith Pup 1/4 Full kit

820,00 €Hinta
  • Kits are 100% scale. Many times contest and championship winners.
    They feature working scale rigging, and quick assembly for flying with no loose screws to get lost..
    The rigging wires are made from stainless steel spring wire, to scale width and thickness.
    Very strong, rustfree and does not get kinked in handling. The scale forkends are fitted in
    pairs to each end of the rigging wires. Tension is adjusted as on the original, release the
    lock nuts and rotate the wire to adjust. When dismantling the model the tension setting is
    not touched. Each time you assemble the rigging setting remains constant. The lightweight
    scale wheels are mounted on scale split axles with scale bunjee elastic for springing.
    Our original models used 30 cc Laser V twin engines. They will fly on a calm day on a
    wisp of throttle, but the larger engine size allows for a big propellor to be used at low RPM.
    This gives a more realistic sound and extra power is in hand for vertical climbs and for flying
    in very strong winds, which is necessary for a contest model. Our kits have been flown in
    the scale world championships by pilots from France, South Africa, USA, Spain, Sweden,
    Norway, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, and England.
    Kits contain:-Plans, Balsa strip & sheet, hardwood Spars, Longerons, Glassfibre leading edges,
    hardwood Struts, CNC cut Wing & tail ribs, Ply formers, Ply deckings, Light alloy sheet for panels,
    Piano wire, Doweling, Wire U/C with axles, Bunjee elastic, Hinges, Plastic sheet, Scale wheels,
    Alloy cowling, Dummy Clerget engine kit, Machine gun kit (2 for Camel), Stainless Steel fittings kit,
    Rigging wire, Forkends, Silver solder & flux, Eyelets, Bolts, Screws.

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