SIG Skyray kit CL

Aloittelevalle siimalennättäjälle sopiva rakennussarja.

Kärkiväli: 603mm

Siipi pinta-ala: 6,5dm2

Moottori: 2-tahti metanoli .049-.061


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SIG Skyray kit CL

Tuotenumero: SIGCL23
39,50 €Hinta
  • Great Fun For Beginner Or Advanced C/L Flyers

    This is Sig's most popular C/L airplane of all time! Designed by 6-time National Champion Mike Gretz, the Skyray features ultra simple all-balsa construction and outstanding flight performance.

    All of the excitement at a fraction of the cost of full-size competition models.

    It's an ideal first-time C/L trainer for the beginner. By putting the prop on backwards and adjusting the engine a little bit rich, the Skyray will groove around the circle slow and stable, giving the rookie pilot time to think and react. Detailed instructions cover every phase of building, pre-flight, and flying - and in language the beginner can understand.

    After you've mastered the basics, set up the Skyray for aerobatics. It's extra large one-piece wing enables it to fly through loops, figure-8s, and other stunts with ease - much better than smaller 1/2A models. For some real fun try Skyray combat, or a 100 lap Skyray sport race!

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